Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I know everyone wants to know my thoughts about last night's game against Phoenix. Well let me just say that it was great to see my old teammates, but it was definitely a heart breaker. It was not a rival or revenge game for me -- it was what it was Tulsa vs. Phoenix. I think that we did a lot of great things, but we have to do better coming out after halftime. We have started a little slow in the 3rd quarter the last 2 games and that has to change. I think that we played hard and showed that we are taking this team in the right direction. We are still looking to get our first W, and I am sure that will happen very soon -- in the mean time we will continue to get better and keep on working!

Monday, May 21, 2012


We are under way now as we started our season and had our first game last night against the SilverStars.  I was pretty excited about our efforts but don't like that we didn't come away with the win. We played 38 minutes of some good basketball and came up short in the last 2 minutes. We definitely started off going in the right direction. We have some work to do to continue to get better, as we have Phoenix coming in on Tuesday at 7, but I am confident in our team and coaching staff and know that we will continue to progress.

Friday, May 18, 2012


Today we had the opportunity to have an autograph signing with our great Shock fans at Cain. The owner was very nice and a huge supporter it was very nice to meet her. To all the fans that came out to get our autographs, I thank you. Your support is needed and definitely appreciated. Both me and the good Rook Lonetta had a blast with all of you and I'm sure the rest of the team did as well. As you all know we have out first game coming up this Saturday. I am hoping to see all of you, as we take on the Silver Stars at 7 pm. Also be on the look out for the new and improved meekshope website to be back up and running in a few days...

Friday, May 11, 2012


The following comes from the WNBA season preview of the Tulsa Shock:

The Shock head into action after having the worst record in the league last year (3-31) but new coach Gary Kloppenburg is determined to turn that around.

“We tried to improve our talent level all across the board with some trades, free agents and the draft,” Kloppenburg said. “We were hurting with our record last year and in places like shooting so we tried to bring in more athletics and more skill.”

One of those players the Shock signed was Temeka Johnson, who the Mercury traded in exchange for Andrea Riley. Kloppenburg said he envisions Johnson, a seven-year league veteran, being a mentor for some of the younger players on the team.

“Adding Temeka Johnson will give us a big lift,” he said. “She's a leader, she's very vocal and players look up to her. That could give us a jump start.”

One of the biggest challenges the Shock will have to overcome is building a strong team with so many new players. It becomes even harder now that the team will be playing without their star player Tiffany Jones (formerly Tiffany Jackson). Jones is expecting her first child and will sit out the entire season.

“She was our leading rebounder and scorer so that's tough to lose,” Kloppenburg said. “It's definitely a learning curve for the team to get adjusted to and it’ll take some time to gel. But we got a lot of good new talent that can contribute, and I think we’ve built a pretty good nucleus.”

He added the revamped Shock is responding well as a team and fans have a lot to look forward to this season.

"We're trying to get the fans back on board and excited," he said. "I think it's starting to work already. We haven't played a regular season game yet and we're already seeing some excitement."

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Helloooooooo everyone!
I am finally in Tulsa and participating with a very good group of young women. I have watched as well as been a part of some very promising practices.
Tomorrow we have and early one against Seattle. It is a preseason game, but we are looking forward to the challenge.  This is also a moment where so many of the rookies get a chance to show what they have left before the final cuts. So far it has been great and I am super happy to be back with my LSU Alum Scholanda Dorrell.
Stay tune everyone -- I think this can really be a promising season.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


I wanted to share an article that I read this week from a friend and LSU alum Shaquille O'Neal.  It strikes a chord with me in terms of something that is dear to my heart and a main cog of my Hope Foundation -- education. Shaquille received a hard-earned doctorate degree this weekend.  He has always been very pro-education.  My college coach Bob Starkey, also coached Shaquille and always spoke about his study habits and how education was so important to him and his family.  Shaq not only has spoke often on the topic of education but more importantly, has always set a high standard through his example.

This week he wrote a tremendous article for USA Today and I wanted to share it with my followers:

On Saturday, I will be receiving an education doctorate degree from Barry University, a small Catholic school in Miami Shores. The degree isn't honorary. I worked for it, and I'm as proud of this as anything I have accomplished in my life. While I did this for two people — my mother and myself — it certainly would be nice if it could have a broader impact.

Too many young kids — particularly black kids — are still dropping out of school way too early. This country will never compete globally when nearly one in four kids fails to complete high school on time.

For you parents out there: Don't just encourage your children to complete high school, which should be a basic step toward a much bigger education. I was fortunate to have a mother who understood the value of education, even as she saw me join the NBA and have a successful basketball career. My mom knew that education not only would help me down the road, it also would make me a better person.

It's understandable when young athletes lured by the big money of the NBA decide to pass up college. But that makes no sense for the thousands and thousands of young athletes who will never make it to the pros. And even those lucky few need to understand that a career in athletics is fleeting — education isn't.

Although I entered the NBA draft after my junior year at Louisiana State University in 1992, I later took correspondence courses to earn my bachelor's degree. Education matters. It instills self-discipline. It exposes a person to a world of shared knowledge. It forces us to stay attuned to current events. And most important, it helps each of us understand how and where we fit into this world.

My doctoral degree from Barry is in Organizational Learning and Leadership, with a specialization in Human Resource Development. People won't be surprised to learn that my doctoral project was titled: "How Leaders Utilize Humor or Seriousness in Leadership Styles." I'm a big believer in the power of humor, particularly in stressful situations.

But this is no laughing matter. If there's one thing I hope people take from this personal milestone, it's that education matters for your entire life. A degree, whether high school or doctoral, is not a finish line; it's simply a mile-marker. My learning will continue. I want others to come along for the ride.

Congratulations Dr. O'Neal -- and thank you for the example you have set for us all!