Thursday, August 30, 2012


Hello there everyone!

I truly hope that all is well. I know that it has been some time but I am back. I have been focusing on our team and trying to get better. I hope you all don't mind.
I want to share with you how much better we have gotten as a team. We have won a couple of much needed games and have been feeling much better as a unit.
On last night we came away with a good win against the Atlanta Dream. They are a very talented team that is fully of athleticism as well as speed. Through it all we were able to come away with our first road Win.  We also found out that our Australian teammate will not be returning this season, and it was causing a lot of up roar for people. I will just say this, I think Liz did what she thought was best for her. I can not make or pass judgement on a situation that I don't know all the details to. I don't want to do what everyone else is doing and just assume anything. I have not spoken to Liz so I don't know the true reason. As of right now we are doing what we can with what we have and I think that we are all still growing and learning in this process.

On a good note I was able to obtain my 1000 assist in my WNBA Career in this game, and I want to thank every teammate that I have had during this process to make this possible. This is not just for me it is for you all as well.



Hey world in yesterday our Rookie Glory Johnson celebrated her birthday. Yep she is a whopping 22 lol, and she says she's getting old! I just laughed and looked at her.  Her is a picture of her being blind fold as a few of our friends take her out on the town. I think she had a pretty good time, and we were happy that we could help her bring in her birthday.
Happy Birthday lil homie!


Here is my new mom Mrs. Johnson.

Mrs. Mercy is Glory Johnson's mom -- but I promise she has treated me like I was one of her own since we met. She is so caring, loving, God fearing, supportive, fun, etc. I really don't think I could come up with enough words to describe this lovely lady. I just wanted to take this time to say thank you from myself and my mom for adding me as an addition to the already Johnson Family!

Thanks Mrs. Mercy!



Here is a proud moment. While in Knoxville with my teammate Glory Johnson over the break. I had the opportunity to go and visit Coach Summitt. I joked with Glory about never ever wanting to be in Tennessee, due to the SEC competitiveness that we all have, but that went out the window for this moment. It was and honor to chat with one of the coaches that has done so much for our game as has dedicated herself, her life to make it better as well as setting a high mark for others to follow. It was a great time, and I really did enjoy Knoxville and the Johnson family. It was not the SEC battles that's always talked about when we meet up, it was fun times with new friends. I'll take that always.