Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Hey there!
I am coming to you, with the news of being down 2 games to Orenburg. This is not a good position but I am still believing in our team.
We will have a day to rest and one to travel and we play again on Friday. Its do or die, either we win and advance or we are done. I will keep you all posted.


Hello all!

I come to you today with some different news. It's not basketball this time. It is more like a fun picnic in the park kind-of-thing. Today we went on a little boat ride around Kursk, we didnt even know that the place existed. The men that run it and is a part of it are huge fans of ours as well as all the sports around Kursk, and they were thrilled when we accepted the invite to come and relax with them. We had some food that was put on a grill. (That was delicious I might add) Then I got to ride on the boat which then turned into all of us driving it, of course with close instructions. Today I must say was a much needed relaxing day, and we are back to work tomorrow for the final round of the playoff starting on the 23rd.

Stay tuned everyone and I will be back to talk about out match against Orenburg later.

Have a great weekend!



Hello world!

I come to share with you that we came up a little short against Spartak last night. We lost to Seimone and her group by two points, now we have to play for 3rd and 4th place instead of 1st and 2nd. It was a hard fought battle but again we came up short.  I was very upset and kind of displeased with how we actually played overall, but mostly about my own performance. I know that things begin and end with me and to not lead my teammates the way that I know I should or could have truly bothers me. I thought about this for a little while after the game as well, then the WNBA draft came on and  I was able to watch it.

I want to say congrats to Our own LSU and now Washington Mystics LaSondra Barrett for having a chance to accomplish a goal as well as live a dream of hers. Super proud of her.

Next I want to say that I am very please with Coach Klopp and the Tulsa Shock for the draftees that they have brought to our team. I am looking forward to seeing all that young talent in person. I have a little over two weeks left over here and then to Oklahoma to be a part of something that seems like it will be very good.

I hope that everyone have a great week and I will keep you all posted on the rest of the playoffs.


Friday, April 6, 2012


On Yesterday we had our first playoff game and we came out on top. It was against 6th place Nognisk and they gave us a fard fight for the first 2 and 1/2 quarters. Here is an article on the the out come I hope you enjoy it.
Kursk "Dynamo" has won the first match plej-off. The contender - Noginsk "Spartak" - in the regular championship has taken the sixth place and has assigned to itself glory of the collective fighting on a house parquet up to the end. The match against "Dynamo" also didn't become an exception.

In the first quarter of a command played practically as equals. "Dynamo" has come forward almost at the very beginning of a meeting, but this advantage remains small all period. A starting piece in structure kurjanok has perfectly spent Michel Snow. American center for ten minutes has typed 13 points that on one point it is less than all, than result of all command of competitors (14:19).
The advantage won by "Dynamo" in the first period, has been lost after a break. Most of all efforts to this local success of mistresses has put Snezhana Aleksich. For a quarter it has typed 10 points and thanking its sniper abilities to "Spartak" it was possible to come forward. However, the maximum advantage has never exceeded two points, and at the very end of first half Anna Petrakova has returned "Dynamo" leadership (32:33).

After the big break "Dynamo" has made jerk 8:2. Mistresses were a little more overcame, but could oppose nothing Michel Snow and Aushre Bimbajte. "Dynamo" also has begun the fourth quarter with great dispatch, having won first two minutes with the account 10:0. "Spartak" has tried has organized a pursuit, but anything, except remarkable game Apricot (for the period has typed 9 points), couldn't show. In structure of Kursk "Dynamo" has perfectly spent Anastas Bocharova's who has never missed from game quarter. As a result the command of Vajnauskasa has won the first match plej-off with the account 62:75 and has moved in a series to two victories. The following game will take place in Kursk on April, 8th. And if to be necessary the third meeting it also will take place on a house parquet "Dynamo" on April, 9th. The beginning at 19.00.

"Spartak" (Noginsk) – "Dynamo" (Kursk) – 62:75 (14:19, 18:14, 11:15, 19:27)

"Spartak" (Noginsk): Abrikosova (13 points, 5 transfers), Pupko (12, 9 selections), Aleksich (10, 4 transfers), Ulyanov (10).
"Dynamo" (Kursk): Snow (24 points, 10 selections), Vodopjanova (8, 10 selections), Bimbajte (11), Johnson (9, 7 transfers), Rytikova (0), Bocharova (10), Petrakova (9, 10 selections), Lisina (4), Bashko-Melnbarde (0)

Monday, April 2, 2012


Hello everyone! I am back in Kursk, and believe me it was so hard to get back on that plane. I left the good sun to come back to snow -- very challenging, but hey I have a job to finish. I am extremely tired right now due to the fact that I stayed up all night watching the Women's Final Four -- but it was well worth it. That UConn/ ND game definitely kept you on your toes, and it was great to see other players step up for Baylor with the game plan that Standford had for them. It was fun basketball. I was glad I was able to see it.

Now for what's going on here: We are getting ready to start the playoffs for the Russian league, which shall be very interesting to say the least -- but I will keep you all posted.

I also wanted to share with you all what I found out when I got back to Russia -- http://www.sports.ru/tribuna/blogs/womenbasket/310845.html. Of course I don't expect anyone to read it so I will play the part of the translator. It states that I am the top PG (Point Guard) in Russia. Great accomplishment and I am very honored. Our team has worked very hard this year and we are still striving to accomplish a few more things before it is all over.

I am very tired and will rest before our next practice. Have a great day everyone.