Thursday, July 5, 2012


I'm certainly not accustomed to losing on the basketball court so at times this season it has been very frustrating because we have been close a number of times.  Last week I had a long discussion about this with my college coach at LSU, Bob Starkey.  Coach Starkey also serves on my HOPE Foundation board and has been a big supporter of me and my mission.

He obviously follows our team closely and he made a very profound statement to me.  He said that I should be more "process-oriented" as opposed to "result-oriented." He reminded me that I was coming into an organization that had won only 3 games last season and it was unfair to expect a massive turn around in one season.  Coach Starkey said that the improvement on our team had been impressive and that I and my teammates would miss out on that fact if we just looked at the win-loss record.

I started to give it some thought and realize that it is really true.  Then Coach Starkey emailed me some statistics that prove that very point.

Last year we averaged losing games by 13 points.
This year we average losing games by only 6 points.

This year, we have lost four games by 3 points or less.
Last year, we had no losses by 3 points or less.

Our worse loss this year is one by 20 points and another by 18.
Last year we had losses by 39, 31, 30, 28 and five more by 20 or more.

We are getting is evident if you look close enough.  Now make no mistake about it, we want to win -- and we are going to win here in Tulsa!  But it's about baby steps and making progress. We are competing!!!

As I was told -- it's about the process!