Tuesday, April 16, 2013


When events happen such as the one yesterday at the Boston Marathon, I go through a range of emotions. 

Shock -- that this could actually happen on American soil.

Fear -- that this will probably not be the last such attack.

Anger -- that anyone would have such a disregard for human life.

Sadness -- for those innocent ones that must deal with death and injury.

And then there is my favorite of all emotions -- HOPE! 

Hope -- that we can all unite and support our brothers and sisters in Boston.

Hope -- that from this can come change to hopefully prevent future attacks.

Hope -- that certainly that those responsible will be swiftly brought to justice.

Hope -- that we can understand from such senseless acts that our time on this earth is short and with that comes a perspective on how to live and serve each other -- to make this world a better place.

My heart and prayers will continually go out to the city of Boston and all those people from around the world that were there and tragically effected.