Monday, May 20, 2013


Hello world, let me share with you what's been going on. We (the Seattle Storm) have completed our exhibition games and have come up with victories in both.

We have learned a lot from those game and are looking forward to capitalizing off of that. I have been really learning a lot and I know that there is more to come in that area. I really enjoy my teammates and u and truly happy that I am here.

More importantly, I have already started getting out in the community. Nakia Sanford and I were at the Girl 5k run on yesterday and it was so amazing to see those kids accomplish finishing the race; what was also great was seeing the parent get involved by running the race with to help them out. It was a touching thing for me to see.

We will be opening up at LA on the 26th of this month and we will be looking to start off in the right direction. Until then there will be nothing but preparation.

 Ok that's it for now, I will be back in touch soon.