Monday, June 10, 2013


After taking a little time to reflect back on our game last night, I can not do anything but shake my head at our petty mistakes. I am going to say this early so that no one mistakes it for anything else than what it is. I am not taking anything for the Tulsa Shock. They are a young hungry team that was looking for as well as needing a win. Glory Johnson and her bunch played well together. With that being said, (Us) the Seattle Storm did not play the way that we are capable of. We didnt have very much energy at all nor did we gain or take the momentum of the game. Tulsa led the way the entire time and they didnt let up.  As for us, we are a talented veteran bunch, that know that we have to be on point every position, every day, every game. Some may say that it seem impossible or like we are saying that we need to be perfect, well something like that but not the pressure of being perfect but having the assurance that we are capable of doing just that. Holding ourselves accountable and expecting the best from one another. It is so doable and we are all capable of doing so.

We have let that game slip away and that is definitely one that we can not get back, but we will look forward and get prepared for our next game coming up in Atlanta. That is the most important game on our schedule right now. You may ask why? And no it is not because the are playing well and are undefeated or anything else that can be tied into it. It is because it is the next game on our schedule. We are not looking backwards, and definitely not too far ahead.

This week we are going back to the drawing board, for fine tuning nothing else. We know what it is that we need to do, WE JUST HAVE TO DO IT!!!!!