Sunday, May 29, 2011


As we head into the Memorial Day weekend I promise it is not lost on me that I have an amazingly wonderful life -- thanks to countless others that have made unbelievable sacrifices for us to be free.  Often times in athletics we used words like "sacrifice"..."unity"..."dedication"..."resolve"..."battle"..."pride" -- and they are certainly important in our sports arena.  But they pale in comparison when you consider what they mean to the men and women who for centuries have fought and died for our country.

Last night our team got to travel to New Mexico and play the Los Angeles Sparks in front of a great crowd.  The enthusiasm was great -- the atmosphere was special.  All over the nation this weekend people will travel to destinations with their family for vacation or a get away weekend.  Perhaps they will head to a part for a picnic or join with friends for a cookout.  No matter what, we will all rise up in the morning draped with the freedom that has been provided for us by men and women who fought on foreign soil against incredible odds without the option of spending time with their friends and family.

So please take time -- as much time as you can -- and thank God for being an American and especially thank God for those who have paid the price for us and our freedoms.