Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Hello Everyone!

I want to share you about our game that we played the other day. It was against St. Peterburg. They are a very fast and good shooting team. It was very close in the first half. I don't know why but for some reason we like to start the game off very slowly. And as usual we find ourselves fighting harder than we really need to for the game. Anyways we came away with the victory, but what was fun for me was after the game. I got a chance to tour St. Petersburg a little. This is a very popular place and it has some of the greatest things in Russia there. I had the chance to visit The Hermitage Museum. A very Beautiful place!

The museum was founded in 1764 when Empress Catherine the Great purchased a collection of Flemish and Dutch paintings (225) from the Berlin merchant Johann Ernest Gotzkowski. "internet" . It reminded me some what of the Louve in France. I promise I probably only got to see about 1/10th of the entire place. Ok a little bit more of the Louve but still. That's how big this place was. I looked on the internet just to see how many items was actually in this place and here's what I found.

About the collection

The collection contains 2,970,214 items, including:

Paintings - 16,851
Works of Geographic Art - 622,172
Sculptures - 12,623
Works of Applied Art - 301,512
Archaeological Objects - 739,389
Numismatics - 1, 132,627
Other Exhibits - 146,040

This is a very beautiful place. In the picture that I am in is just the stair way of the entrance. The parts that I did see as lovely. The painting were astonishing and so detailed I loved it all. If you wan to see more of this place check out http://www.hermitagemuseum.org. I'm sure you would love it .

I also went to this Ice Sculpture building that was not only cold of course but very detailed and unique. I did enjoy walking through it and seeing the actual time that people had taking to carve all of that together.  Believe me though when I tell you that I was freezing LOL

I am now in Ekaterinburg as we have a game in 2 days -- I will keep you all posted on that later. Meek