Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Hello there!
I have taken these past few days to focus on this big game that I have coming up. On tomorrow we will have our 2nd game against Vologda. The deciding game of our clubs history. The first game was a 9 point deficit. So we can't lose by more than that, but I say why not just win so we won't have to worry about that. This team will come out fighting, I don't expect anything else. I am excited about the challenge and truly look forward to it. I believe we are know how important this game is and how much is weighing on it. We have a very good group but as you all know no one person can beat anyone. It will have to be a total team effort. We have to have the mind set of winning and not worrying about who gets the credit. A win is a win. And we can not do it with out all 11 of us. I will be back with you all soon to let you know how things turn out.
Wish us luck!