Saturday, December 22, 2012


Good Morning everyone, I am so happy  to be home. It is always good to be around family and friends. I had the honor of witnessing my little niece Ja'Niya Christmas Play today at Bridge City Head Start. It was so heart warm and gratifying just saying the excitement on those kids face.

It took me some time to speak about the lovely precious kids and teachers of Connecticut, because it truly troubled me. But this morning it manifested even more.

Those sweet faces, innocent faces, our tomorrow OUR FUTURE!!!!!

And it sadden me, further to actually hear and witness that they could not open up their play with a prayer. It never truly hit home to me that God was taking out of our school. That hurt me deeply, and I strongly believe that it should be put back. I won't go too deep into that, because I don't want to take away from how great the play was, and how much fun the kids had that participated in it. It was a great was for them to start their Christmas and New Years break. I was very happy to see the passion in the teachers. The love that thy had towards the kids. Simply touching.

This was a great way to start my morning. Glad I was back in town to be able to see.

God please keep these babies protected and safe!