Monday, July 15, 2013


I havent been back to speak with you all lately, because I have been trying to figure some things out. I am trying to figure out how to get us back on track. We have yet to play up to our full potential, and it truly needs to change. So I have tried to step away and figure out what it is I can do to help hold up my end for our team. I have not forgotten about you all, and I truly appreciate you for your continued support.

We are finally home after being on the road for 12 days and now we are home for a few days and a couple of games and looking to turn things around. We have Atlanta coming in this Sunday and Tulsa again after that. I also have some family coming in town so that would help me some more as well.
We are dedicated to changing things, so we are now back in Practice correcting a lot of them; no more talking, just getting it done. The things that we correct,  is what we have to carry over to the court as well and this is what we are looking to do.

I will be back in touch very soon.