Tuesday, August 6, 2013


On yesterday, I had the opportunity to do something so great and fun. I helped give back. Yes thats right. I gave back which something that brings me so much happiness.

I had the opportunity to help out with Youth Care.

I have to say, the little that I know about this organization I am very much impressed with.

This organization does a lot for the kids of this world. Not only does it Help shelter homeless youth, it helps them to stay off the streets as well as help prepare them for life.

Some of these kids are faced with so much stuff at an early age. Such as sexual abuse, witnessing drug abuse, physical abuse, alcohol abuse, or parents just not caring. It is truly a sad a touching case to me.

With Youth Care they feed , clothe, and shelter them, because they understand that these kids are literally living day to day, and do not have much of anything else.

Youth Care also assist in helping them recover. They understand that it is a hard thing for most if not all homeless people/children to remember or recognize the good that came before, and the bad is definitely fresh on their minds; So the need for a safe place, and people who try to understand, and time to actually accept it. Youth Care is there.

They also help point them in a new and better direction. Its not just the food and other basic needs, the shelter and housing. There are also education and employment programs  that help kids that are just looking in a doorway to a kid in school, as well as an adult with a job, something independent and stable for them.  I can not even put enough in here about this organization. I need ALL of you to go and check it out for yourself. You can donate things, volunteer, or you can give some clothing. If I can take the time to do a little something, I know that you can as well. Go to WWW.YOUTHCARE.ORG and just check out the many things that go on through this organization. I know it will move you. And please let me know what you all think.
For all the Seattle people that are reading this and you know of anyone that is in need of any of this. Food, clothing, showers, and other services Please direct them to the James W. Ray Orion Center :

1828 Yale Ave. ( Denny and Stewart).

I am so looking forward to do more with this organization and I am definitely happy that I had the opportunity to see and learn about this up close and personal.

Again I was only there for a short period of time but i was definitely moved.