Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Good morning World -- how are you all doing?

I come to you this morning, excited about our win last night, but also excited about life. It's funny how some small things can put so much into perspective.

Yesterday, we has a special guest and visitor named Hannah. Hannah is from the Make-a-Wish  program, and she wanted to meet her favorite player. Well I'm blessed to say that I was that player. Hannah and her family blessed us with their presence for shoot-around and the game. I was able to take her around, show her the locker room, and take a few pictures with her. This really brightened my day. After the game was over I was able to speak with her a little bit more. As I walked out to sign autographs, Hannah comes up and thanks me again and hand me one of her bracelets. She said she wanted me to have it. Her bracelets say Hearts for Hannah and it has her illness on it. I then took off my H.O.P.E. bracelet  and gave her mine. I always play with my hope bracelet on my wrist, but I will now represent Hannah from her on out!

This little 11 year old is brave, strong and courageous. I am so happy that I got to meet her and spend a little time with her.

 As for the game, I am extremely proud of my teammates and how we responded to the Sparks last night. We took one possession at a time and took what they gave us. Everyone contributed to that victory, it was a total team effort, and it helped our push for the playoffs.

We have an important road trip coming up against Western Conference opponents in The Phoenix Mercury, and the San Antonio Silver Stars. We will rest up a little and get back to preparation in the morning.

I will keep you all posted. Thanks!