Friday, October 26, 2012


Hello there!
Wow it is so great to stop and exhale! We have been going non-stop, but it has definitely been a great thing. We jump started the season off with meeting with the Mayor. He took time out of his busy schedule to congratulate last year team on our success, as well as welcome the new player to this years team and wish us all the best. It was truly a pleasure and an honor to be there with him.

From here the game began. We started out the season 2-0 in the Russian league. We played our first game against Spartak Noginsk. They are a very talent but different looking team this year. They put up a great fight against us, but we were able to prevail in the end and come out on top with a victory.

The following game in Russian league was against Dynamo Moscow, who had fellow American player Laura Harper on there team. We were so ready for this game, we came out of the blocks against these ladies. I was really proud of our team and how we responded to this challenge, because we know that this is a team that we will see later on and they will be much better. With that said this game put us at 2-0 in the Russian League and after the progressing season that I have just come off of; it is great to be right here right now. ( ahhhh the little things in life).

On yesterday, we had our first Euro-cup Game. This was the first of our new journey to try and repeat the championship; which we know will not be easy. And Botus the Turkih Team that we competed against was proof of it. Although we started out playing well, that team that had Former LSU Lady Tiger Quianna Chaney, Courtney Paris, and Christi Thomas on their team would not just go away easily. It was definitely a hard fought game by both teams. But I was definitely please to see how well my teammates and I are gelling together and we are still missing two big pieces to our puzzle in Ephipany Prince and Michelle Snow who will both be joining us very soon. Its scary to even think of how good of a team we can really be.

Again I am happy to be where I am right now, and the best thing about this is not only that I get to continue to play basketball; but I get to continue to grow and mature as a player, person, and a leader!!!!!

I will be in touch with you all very soon. There are more games ahead, more road trips, and best of all more fun!

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