Monday, October 28, 2013


Hello everyone! I'm coming to you a little different today so I hope you like it and appreciate it. As you all know with my Foundation (H.O.P.E.) I express the importance of education for our kids of today as they are definitely our tomorrow and our future. Well, guess what -- I am practicing what I have been preaching. And that is the strong belief that getting an education can take  you much further than anything, and very important to your growth as person. As of tomorrow,  I will be starting classes again as I have enrolled at LSU to get my Masters in Business. That's right -- I am in the MBA program back at the great Louisiana State University. It will be a big challenge for me, but it's definitely one that I look forward to as well as embracing. Learning is so important and I'm thankful for this opportunity to enhance myself as well as those whose path I may cross. The kids are our future, but that doesn't mean that we stop learning and stop bettering ourselves. It means that we keep growing and getting better right along with them to be able to help them, go along with them, and feel good enough that you let go and let them pave the way. This universe has a way of continual moving forward no matter your age.  We can not do it all alone. We have to continue to help others get better, but also work towards bettering ourselves. I am so excited about starting school; knowledge is power, and sharpening your mind is never a bad thing! Stay tune everyone and I'll let you know how my first week goes as well as give you some basketball updates as well.
Until next time...