Thursday, September 8, 2011


I have to start off by letting you all know that I am extremely happy that we have clinched a spot in the playoffs. After our win against LA we were granted two days off and I used them for rest to the fullest. So I will say that it really did me some good but I do apologize for not being involved with you all during that time.

Now for the fun stuff, today is my birthday. Yep that's right I turned 29 today. So far it has been such a great day. It started out with a successful practice, which I have to share with you the rules to practice for birthdays. Whenever there is someone's birthday, we get to shoot one half court shot and if you make it there is no practice; so today Diana takes the half court shot and she usually will toss one up there before every practice and NEVER make it so in thinking "oh boy, my chances are slim." Low and behold she makes it today and we all jump up screaming and yelling as well as laughing.  So Corey is kind of in disbelief because he didn't think she was going to hit it either which made it even funnier. He looked and was like well that is a rule but at that moment I know he was hoping that it wasn't. So we went on to practice and called it a voluntary practice -- LOL. Then we celebrated with some season ticket holders and they all sing happy birthday to me and I was give my second cake of the day. I forgot to mention that our rookie teammate Krystal Thomas had baked me a delicious cake at her place and brought it to the locker room for me. From there I headed to buy myself something from the Mac store. Then Sidney and Krystal took me to Hillstone which is the old Houston's where I got my favorite Hawaiian ribeye and a movie to see planet of the apes. It was a great day and I want to thank you all for the well wishes for my birthday and all of your support.