Thursday, September 15, 2011


Hey! This has been one heck of a week. We have been doing nothing but preparing for the playoffs. Yes that’s right, we are in the playoffs. Time has definitely flown and it’s down to the nitty gritty time. We will be facing Seattle this Thursday at 7pm PT on ESPN2 -- please be sure to tune in.

I would like to share with you what a great day I had yesterday. I went to speak to some kids at First New Life Church, which is also a school named Fay Landrum Academy.  As I walked into the classroom all the kids were chanting “Meek Meek Meek Meek.”  LOL!  It was really nice and they all had a Meek Moments book in their hands.  As I sat down I started talking to them and telling them a little about my story and from there I began to read the book and they followed along in their books. I had such a fun time with them and they were so attentive. After it was over I opened up for questions and they truly surprised me with some great questions.

One little boy asked me about my grandmother and what it was that she passed away with? As I answered him and told him cancer, he followed up by sharing his story of cancer talking over his mother’s body except for her brains and her toes. He was so strong and uplifting about it. I thought to myself this is such a strong 12 years old.  Here I am about to get choked up about my grandmother that I miss and think of everyday and this kid is telling me about the struggles of his own mother.

I shared with him about making it in this world and his vision that he has of one day walking into an NFL stadium and fulfilling his dream. He goes on to tell me that his mother told him to always compete against those that are better because it will cause you to be better. It was so cute and such an honor. I was really impressed with this young man and I am so thankful that he felt good enough around me to open up and share his story.

From there I went on to meet Pastor Aubrey Barnwell the Pastor of the church and we talk about the vision that he has and what he wants for the kids and how we could do some things together. It was such a good thing to hear and a blessing to be around someone that is just as passionate about giving back as I was.

I have been really working to get all that I needed to do together and so far it has been going well.  I will be focusing on playing throughout the playoffs but I will definitely keep you all updated.