Friday, March 16, 2012


Well, well, well...I come baring some bad news.

We did not come away with the win against Kaseri. We started off very very slow and were behind the entire game. If we want to be the Euro-Cup champions we will have to beat this team by 15 or more points at our place. We have no choice -- our back are against the wall. We have played this team twice prior to this game and was sitting undefeated in the Euro-cup until now, and as you all know,  this doesn't mean anything. It is the championship game and it is like the new season.

How bad do you want it? This is what we have to ask ourselves, and then apply it like we need to. We are headed back to Kursk, and will prepare for the task that we have. We will have a Russian game on the 18th that we need to make sure we get and then on the Championship game on the 22nd.

Time to compete ladies!