Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Hello all!

I come to you today with some different news. It's not basketball this time. It is more like a fun picnic in the park kind-of-thing. Today we went on a little boat ride around Kursk, we didnt even know that the place existed. The men that run it and is a part of it are huge fans of ours as well as all the sports around Kursk, and they were thrilled when we accepted the invite to come and relax with them. We had some food that was put on a grill. (That was delicious I might add) Then I got to ride on the boat which then turned into all of us driving it, of course with close instructions. Today I must say was a much needed relaxing day, and we are back to work tomorrow for the final round of the playoff starting on the 23rd.

Stay tuned everyone and I will be back to talk about out match against Orenburg later.

Have a great weekend!