Friday, April 6, 2012


On Yesterday we had our first playoff game and we came out on top. It was against 6th place Nognisk and they gave us a fard fight for the first 2 and 1/2 quarters. Here is an article on the the out come I hope you enjoy it.
Kursk "Dynamo" has won the first match plej-off. The contender - Noginsk "Spartak" - in the regular championship has taken the sixth place and has assigned to itself glory of the collective fighting on a house parquet up to the end. The match against "Dynamo" also didn't become an exception.

In the first quarter of a command played practically as equals. "Dynamo" has come forward almost at the very beginning of a meeting, but this advantage remains small all period. A starting piece in structure kurjanok has perfectly spent Michel Snow. American center for ten minutes has typed 13 points that on one point it is less than all, than result of all command of competitors (14:19).
The advantage won by "Dynamo" in the first period, has been lost after a break. Most of all efforts to this local success of mistresses has put Snezhana Aleksich. For a quarter it has typed 10 points and thanking its sniper abilities to "Spartak" it was possible to come forward. However, the maximum advantage has never exceeded two points, and at the very end of first half Anna Petrakova has returned "Dynamo" leadership (32:33).

After the big break "Dynamo" has made jerk 8:2. Mistresses were a little more overcame, but could oppose nothing Michel Snow and Aushre Bimbajte. "Dynamo" also has begun the fourth quarter with great dispatch, having won first two minutes with the account 10:0. "Spartak" has tried has organized a pursuit, but anything, except remarkable game Apricot (for the period has typed 9 points), couldn't show. In structure of Kursk "Dynamo" has perfectly spent Anastas Bocharova's who has never missed from game quarter. As a result the command of Vajnauskasa has won the first match plej-off with the account 62:75 and has moved in a series to two victories. The following game will take place in Kursk on April, 8th. And if to be necessary the third meeting it also will take place on a house parquet "Dynamo" on April, 9th. The beginning at 19.00.

"Spartak" (Noginsk) – "Dynamo" (Kursk) – 62:75 (14:19, 18:14, 11:15, 19:27)

"Spartak" (Noginsk): Abrikosova (13 points, 5 transfers), Pupko (12, 9 selections), Aleksich (10, 4 transfers), Ulyanov (10).
"Dynamo" (Kursk): Snow (24 points, 10 selections), Vodopjanova (8, 10 selections), Bimbajte (11), Johnson (9, 7 transfers), Rytikova (0), Bocharova (10), Petrakova (9, 10 selections), Lisina (4), Bashko-Melnbarde (0)