Wednesday, January 23, 2013


After a long road trip and our first lost in Euro- Cup we then had to face a smoking Dynamo Moscow team in the Russia League. They have players with very good talent on their team. As a matter of fact it is the Maryland dynamic 3 all over again. They have Kristi Tolliver, Crystal Langhorn, and Laura Harper playing together all over again. I know the Terps nation is proud.

As for us we fought harder than we did the previous game but we came up short by 3 points. Now I am not sure what has happen to us since the break but we need to continue pulling it together and quickly. We have Kayseri coming up again very soon and because of the point spread in Euro-Cup we have to beat them by at least 16 points in order to advance. Is it doable? Yes I think so! But it will be a very tough challenge for us.  We, without any doubt have the challenge, but can we act maturely enough to overcome this position that we have put ourselves in? That is the question that we face right now. I'm believing that we do, and holding on to that. I will be back in touch with you all very soon to let you know if we were or not.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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