Saturday, January 26, 2013


I am still shock and upset with our 13 point win, yet still a defeat.

We face Kayseri again as you all know, and we had to beat them by 15 or more point in order to advance because that's how much they had beating us by at their place.  Well low and behold we were doing just that, and at the last few secs that hard fighting Kayseri team managed to tie it to the point where we were only up 15! So that breaks it even from their defeat earlier and it send us into over time. Now two of Kayseri starters had just fouled out. They point guard Martinez, and  USA's own Ashja Jones (WNBS Connecticut Sun).  That left them with some talent out on the floor, but those two were key.  In the extra 5 min yes it was brutal and it was definitely a grind. Our team lost a little discipline and as a leader and a point guard you have to take some of that responsibility. Well believe me I did.  Everyone knows that it's not easy to repeat for a title, but that was something that we were looking forward to doing. Unfortunately it didn't happen that way, now we must focus on the Russian league we can still maybe redeem ourselves here.

We have Orenburg coming up and this is a mist win game for us. So we're have channeled our energy and focus to that and we are ready.