Tuesday, July 5, 2011


This has been a very good week. We had two team gatherings that we all had a blast at. I have been working extremely hard to get back on the court and  Tonight will be the night. It has finally come together. The rehabbing, the extra running, the workouts that i have been doing, I am hoping that they all pay off tonight. We face off with the LA Sparks tonight on ESPN2 at 8 o'clock Central Time. This is another test for us to move in the right direction and i am looking forward to it.

I hope that everyone had a great and safe 4th of July, and also there is still some time left for everyone to vote for me for the ALL-STAR game. Vote on line at www.wnba.com or text 69622 Johnson for me. Thanks again for all the support and please keep checking back for more updates on my blog.