Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Let me share with you all how much fun that I had tonight!

It was a book reading on the 23rd floor of our building. It all started from a day at the pool and this dad and his daughter was down there and we were all having such a good time and got to talking. As we began to share stories, ideas began to rise. After he found out that I was an author and had a children's book out he suggested that I share it with kids in our building. I thought it was just talk but it actually happened and he posted signs in the elevator to make sure other kids saw it. There was milk and cookies and some good kids that were truly into the story. I loved it and had a blast.

The highlight of the evening was MJ and Macey reading with one another as well as helping each other with words that they didn't know. That is such a great thing and they are definitely our future. The kids that attended, I gave them a copy if the book and they were all excited and was all talking about doing their chores. LOL!

It truly was a great night,