Thursday, July 7, 2011


We have finally made it to Tulsa.

But I have to tell you about what I thought was a special moment on the plane ride to Tulsa. Now for those of you that know me, you know that I an usually sleep on the plane, but this time I was up and I am extremely happy that I was. On the plane was an African-American  lady name Layla and she was celebrating her 9st birthday. The stewardess ask the people at the windows to pull the shades down and for everyone to light up their stewardess light which represented the candles. She knew that their wouldn't be enough lights to represent the candles but we did it anyway. And from there we all sang happy birthday to the lady. I was like "wow, what a great thing to witness." Not only did we get to share a small part of her birthday with her, but she was still traveling at 91 and some people never get to travel at all. That was a lot of knowledge and wisdom sitting on that plane and I was happy to witness it.  

After getting to Tulsa we went straight to practice, then I had dinner with one of LSU's finest Toni Gross. It was a great night and I think we could find a Tiger in almost every city we go to.  

Goodnight all!