Thursday, October 20, 2011


You all know that I have been posting blog from John C. Maxwell book "Teamwork 101," but today I want to talk about teamwork in another form; In the form of life.
As I sit back and I listen to so many people with so much that they have going on, have been through, and have experienced in the past I start to reflect on my life as well as myself. I know that these are some tough times and some trying times, but I am here to ask you all to hold on to your Faith and to keep H.O.P.E. alive.
I know you all are probably saying "how does she expect us to do that?" Or "it's easy for her to say it because of who she is or where she is!" But I am here to tell you that I have not always been here and it has been a tough struggle trying to stay where I am -- but I am Thankful.
It took a lot of people praying for me, as well as me surrounding myself with the right Team of people.  Team here doesn't mean teammates or anything pertaining to sports. This is a team that has everyone on it from all walks of life. I will start with My Grandmother (God rest her soul), my mom, my aunt, some great coaches that taught me life skills --  not just basketball skills, teachers, some strangers that you had never met before but saw you and gave you some words of encouragements; Some friends that are there for you no matter what, through the bad and the good. They don't kick you when you down, but do all that they can to help you up. People that do things for you out of love and not talking about you or looking for anything in return. My Pastor, some Mentors, my Father -- just to name a few.
Now all of this was not always there, but I stayed strong and continued to fight and get through it. Adversity comes and goes and its on us to either to surrender to it and let it win or keeping fighting against it to overcome it.
One thing that I will share is that with all that could be going on in your life, don't let pride stop you from moving forward, or accepting a helping hand; don't let past mistakes interrupt your future; and most of all don't let the spirit of FEAR stop you from taking that next step.
I hope this helps anyone that may read this. I just wanted to share with you all that you are not alone and that the road does get easier.
STAY H.O.P.E.ful

I am in the book of Proverbs right now and this book is to give a course of instruction in wisdom, preparation for life, and the ways of life in God's world.
I will tell you that it has enlightened me on a lot of things as well as helping me grow more and more.
If you so happen to go into that book and want to share anything please feel free to do so.