Sunday, February 3, 2013


Hello everyone! I hope each and everyone of you are having a terrific week.

Today is the start of Black History month. I am very proud to be an African America, and I am so thankful for the millions of people that came before me to pave the way for not only me but many other races as well. Looking back on a lot of the things that they had to endure, it is difficult to watch, so I couldn't even imagine having to go through it. I am in awe with the strength, the courage, the faith, the belief, the determination, etc., that is within our culture especially back then. WOW! There is still a ways to go in regards to our race, but I know that there are so many looking down smiling, saying that knew that these days would come; and they are happy that they fought so hard for it.

I  would like to this month to try and share as much as I can about African Americans. I hope you enjoy reading and learning about just as much as I do and did.

Here is a link for starters on the origination of Black History Month.