Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Hey everyone, we WON! It has been quite sometime since I wrote to you all about a game. That is because we have only 5 left in 2 months. Its so crazy i know but what can we do. We lost out of Euro-cup  so some of this is our fault.

Anyway this game that we won moved us back in 3rd place. The top 6 spots are so close nit, that we lost one game and it dropped us from 2nd place to 5th and now we are back up to 3rd. These next couple of games will be very important as we are looking to finish the season in either second or third place heading into the playoffs. This will be fun as well as interesting.
We are coming off of a day off and back at it in the morning, starting with weights and then a night practice. We must be Focused and bring that focus to practice so that it can carry over to these next game. You play the way you practice, and we have two very important games coming up before another small break.
I will keep you all posted on things that will take place but right now it is kind of slow, so I am working on some non- basketball stuff; such as, my books and different future plans that I have. Be on the look out for it

Until then I will talk to you all later,