Friday, November 16, 2012


I come to you all saddened with a heavy heart. This situation that is now occurring over in Israel truly makes me pray a lot harder. For those of you that read the bible I know that it says that these times will come as well as happen. There will be rumors of wars; but even in knowing that, it is still difficult to see, watch, and hear about it. I hope and pray that my fellow colleagues that are over there are safe and that they can stay out of harms way. I pray and ask God for everyone's protection over and although the outcome may not be great for all parties I'm still praying that prayer.

The next thing is the situation with Chamique Holdsclaw and Jennifer Lacy -- Two women of which I have had the opportunity to play on the same team with. When I look at this situation it truly hurts my heart. These are two individuals that are in a need for comfort, support, love, help.  I was really shocked by this story and I will continue to pray for the both of them.

Although we won our game against Botas, this really life threatening happenings are sticking out for me a lot more. I will say that I am proud of my teammates as we all played very well. Everyone contributed and did what we needed to do as a unit. Courtney Paris tried to out her team on her back as she finished with 22 points and 9 rebounds, but it was enough for her group. I was definitely happy to see her though as well as Quianna Chaney (Lady Tiger alum), and Christi Thomas.