Sunday, November 11, 2012


I would like to first start off by saying that I am very happy and excited for OUR President and his entire family as well as his team. Many people were worried about if the first time was just a mere accident, but America has spoken. I am so proud of everyone that has gotten out and voted. There are so many things that can be said, from the history and many before that fought for his right, to the importance of why which party is better; but I won't go into that I will keep this very positive and say that no matter what Party won in the end whoever ends up in that chair is the President of he United States Of America. That person will be the President for the entire country and WE as a whole has to Respect that.  It's so difficult being in a leadership position, everyone has an opinion on how things should be ran but not all truly want to accept or embrace all h responsibilities that comes along with it.  As I sit here in the Moscow airport smiling because I am truly happy, I also reflected back to the last election and how important it was for history to be made. It was great, and history has been made again, but its no more saying that it was because of history so to say. It is now because the better man has done what he needed to do to win the hearts of all fellow Americans that he will lead.

Again I am happy for OUR president and I pray that all goes well with and for him; remember everyone he is fighting for US as a whole. America if we can come together on one accord, OUR strength as a whole will not even be able to be measured on a scale. WE are a very strong country but WE sometimes let other things get in he way of the bigger picture. ONE NATION!!!!!!!!

That's what we are suppose to be and that's what we should be!!!!!!