Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I come to you today to share our first loss. We played Vologda, one of the Russia teams, and as many times as I have talked to you all in the past few season about this team we have been the ones to come out on top. Well, this team that Vologda has this year is definitely different. They are very young, talented, and energetic. Their two Americans (Jasmine Thomas -- WNBA Washington Mystics) and (Glory Johnson -- WNBA Tulsa Shock) and also my teammate played very well tonight. Despite our outcome I was really proud of them and how well they played. The day before our game, Glory and I was joking around with our families about who was really going to win the game, and of course Glory was talking a lot of smack saying that they were. I just laughed and said "ok." I didn't think that they would win of course, and I don't think Glory really thought they would either; she was just saying things to get me mad. Well it didn't work then, but it did when it actually happened LOL. We were undefeated up until this point, but hey, what can you say. Both Johnson's played well tonight, and although my team didn't win, I am still proud if my teammates and back to work we go.

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