Thursday, August 18, 2011


A lot of people always ask me what I do when I'm relaxing or wanting to do something away from basketball.  Well, for one I love to read.  I was taught that "leaders are readers" so I not only enjoy reading for pleasure but hopefully to help myself grow in some sort of way.  At this moment I am reading the book "Boetry" by Batrice (Bo) Welt.

Here are a few of the passages that really impacted me:

Desire- A derivative of dreams that should not be constrained.
This ultimate attraction that inspires reaction
Its sustained by passion that should not be rationed And accelerated by the will that leads to being fulfilled.
Focus is needed so try to resist, Temptations that insist that you should do this and stay true to your feelings For they're never misleading or deceiving
Discover what it means to fulfill your dreams uncover your desires you will be inspired.

Faith- A knowing from within
A trust of divine degree no need to plea
Its an incredible force that keeps us on course and carries us through

To our divine entitlement that's due.
Without it we fumble and tumble then crumble
Feeling Lost Confused Battered and Bruised
To have Faith one must initiate

A desire that inspires the will that instills a trust that we must
Believe that we'll receive when sometimes it feels unreal

Hope- A constant reassurance that never dies
It grows dim and fades in to the shadow of strife that gets lost in the confusion and illusion of lifeSeems hard to hold onto when disappointment anoints you with constant trials and ongoing denialsHope is a sign that we're still aligned with what destiny decides so

Hold on to the spark that appears in the dark For its light will see you through
To what God has in store for you.