Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Wow, what a great win for us last night!

It was really hard fought and it was one that we needed. We had not beaten the Storm since 2009 when we won the championship so last night we broke a 9 game losing streak to them. I am so proud of my teammates on the effort that we all put forth.

I am sad though because I found out that one of my friends on the other team Tanisha Wright lost her mom recently. I wish"T" and her family all the best in this time of grieving. I have known Tanisha for some time now and I know how important family is to her. I am keep them in my prayers and praying that God gives them the comfort that they need.

Back to basketball, we have the Silver Stars coming in on Saturday so after today's rest it is back to the drawing board and preparing for them. Thanks you all for all your support and the time that you take out to follow what's been going on. Talk to you again soon