Friday, November 4, 2011


I had the most amazing time ever. Me and a few of my teammates attended the International Jazz Festival. It was one of the most interesting events that I had been to in a long time. The Main guy was Nick Vintskevich who is a Russian Saxophonist. He was so amazing on that saxophone, and has a new CD that is coming out really soon. Everyone that was there was from a different nationality. Russia, USA, England, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Morocco, Armenia, Brasilia, Estonia and every last song that was played was written by Nick. I had the priviledge of hearing Russian Pianist Leonid Vintskevich who opened with Estonia Saxophonist Lembit Saarsalu and they were both pleasing to the ear. From there Nick came on with Vocalist From United States Mrs. Eve Cornelious who was amazing she was so good and the crowd loved them all.  Mrs. Eve has a website please check her out when you get a chance. Very powerful voice and knows how to entertain the crowd.   Everyone prety much got to do a solo and i was thoroughly amazed by them all.

Take a look at the list and if you get a chance please go and look them up.  Here are some of the people that I had to pleasure of hearing:

Joel Taylor - USA Drums (outstanding)

Kip Reed - USA Bass ( wow)

Rique Pantoja - Brasilia Vocal Grand Piano- So energetic and entertaining fun guy to watch

Ed Jones - England  Saxophone ( wow wow wow) so soothing to the soul he was really good
I had to save the last two for last because they brought the house down.

Jeff Young an American grand piano vocalist that mixed the jazz with the blues, 

David Kalish an American guitar player ( oooooooo weeeeeee these men were bad)

They were so talented and I promise I felt like i was at home listening to some of the best Jazz you hear. Please look them up and let me know what you think.

What I really liked most about the whole thing other than the different nationalities come together; I like the fact that they were doing all this to expand the Jazz music and to let people know how good it sounds. They wanted the Russians to adapt to it more and more and they are on a tour now throughout Russia introducing it to the different cities. I am happy that Kursk was one of those cities they choose. WOW. Mr.Leonid Vintskevich got up and spoke about expanding Jazz and how he was about the soviet time when it was forbidden to even play it, but to see how far it has come has made him proud. It is more popular in the states but they are doing everything that they can to make it popular everywhere.

After what I witness tonight I dont think they should have any problems convincing others to jump on board. This was such a fun night and a time that I will truly remember.

Once again check out these people that I have listed and let me know what you think.