Monday, November 21, 2011


Hello everyone!
I come to you today with pure joy and happiness. Our team is still undefeated, I was able to catch the circus before we left town, and my friend made it safely. I think that is a pretty good list to be excited about. Don't you?

We recently took a trip to Novosibirsk and it was a four hour flight. On the way there I slept the entire way. We did have an eight hour train before that, so I don't think I need to express to you all how tired I was. I did feel bad for my friend though, because once she got to Kursk she dropped her bags and was back on the train the next day with us. That was kind of brutal but she was a soldier.

We did get to see the circus and it was fun. Our entire team went before we got on the train and we all had fun. I enjoyed the entire act but to my Tiger fans -- come on now--  you know that the best part for me were the tigers. I made sure everyone there knew that I was a Tiger too.  I said "you see the strength, power and discipline of those Tigers --- that's how we are -- and yes we are everywhere!" Everyone just smiled. Of course my Lady Vol didn't want to find it funny but she eventually just laughed.

Those tigers were great and there was so many of them I was kind of nervous when the man was in there because he would just turn his back on some of them, and then I thought to myself, hey we don't bother people unless they bother us. LOL -- so he will be just fine. No, no, no --  he did do a really good job with them.

I am not currently in Lithuania and will be back in Moscow tomorrow. I know it seems that the travel never really stops but it does for some days and then we are back at it again. Our next game is against UMMC it will be a very interesting as they are one the are the top team here. I am looking forward to it and yes, I will be back to let you all know how it turns out.

Ok, that's it for now talk to you all soon.