Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Hello there everyone! As I was reading John C.Maxwell's "Teamwork 101", I came across this section on Leaders; and as a leader myself I found this part to be so fitting.  It is titled Team Leaders Don't Let Personality Overshadow Purpose. I also see how this can be both good or bad, and love how Mr. Maxwell breaks it down.

When someone you don't like or respect suggest something, what is your first reaction? I bet it's to dismiss it. You've heard the phrase " Consider the source." That's not a bad thing to do, but if you're not careful, you may very likely throw out the good with the bad.

Don't let the personality of someone you work with cause you to lose sight of the greater purpose, which is to add value to the team and advance the organization. If that means listening to the ideas of people with whom you have no chemistry, or worse, a difficult history, so be it.  Set aside your pride and listen. And in cases where you must reject the ideas of others, make sure you reject only the idea and not the person.

I think this is something that is so easy to apply to every field that requires teamwork and I thought you all would enjoy hearing it. I know that i can apply this to me as well. Even if this doesn't apply to you right now it can be a constant reminder for the future if was to ever come up.