Friday, November 4, 2011


Hey everyone! 
Last night was such a fun night for us. We came away with yet another victory. But what made it even more special was the team effort that was put forth. After playing last night against Belarus for the 1st round of Eurocup our coach rested the starters for game two. Usually you do not play the same team back to back, but Fiba allowed us to play our 1st and 2nd game against Belarus at our place upon their request.  So I wont be visiting Belarus this year.

Anyway the bench put on a great performance and after about three minutes of play from me I enjoyed cheering for the rest of the game. I was so proud of our team. They, not only played hard and well but they had fun in doing so, and that made it so much better. Everyone got to show how hard they have been working and what they were capable of doing -- it was great. We have a lot of game coming up so it was great for us to get some rest. We play again on the 6th, 9th, 13th, and 16th so it was definitely needed.

We had an off day today, so I had some of my teammates over for lunch. We had some sautee' shrimp with vegetables over rice with some corn on the side, and my American counterpart Michelle wanted some fried chicken. I told her that it really didn't go well with the main dish, but she insisted -- LOL. So I had her some chicken on the side.

I am also going to a Jazz concert night so I will have a lot to talk to you all about in the very near future. Ok, you have a a great day, or night and I will be back in touch very soon