Wednesday, November 2, 2011


As you all know, we stand 4-0 in the Russian league, but tomorrow starts the beginning of the Euro-cup for us. We will be opening up with Belarus. We play them here at home tomorrow night. They have also requested that we play against them this Thursday as well. This is unusual, because we usually play a team at home and away but they want to get it over with and I know that they have good reason for it because the Federation to allow this to take place. This will be another test for our team, and we will see if we can bounce back from that last game that we played. After watching the film of our last game, it showed how it was just a lack of effort on our part and we allowed them to do whatever it was that they wanted. So we definitely need to redeem ourselves from that.

We have a teammate that is from Belarus -- her name is Yuliya Rytsikava. I know that she is excited to see some of her friends as well as play against her own country. I think this is great. It is amazing to me how that orange basketball can bring so many things and people together.

As I sit back and think about it, it helps keeps families united, it brings nations, cities, countries,  together. It allows me to travel around the world and see things and different places that most people can only dream of seeing. It brings attitudes, talent, cultures, nationalities together and all for one common goal. Of course to win, but the life lessons that comes along with that is what is sometimes overlooked or not really talked about.

I love this -- as I sit here and write this to you all I reflect on my team alone. We have Russians, 2 coaches from Lithuania as well as a player from there, and two Americans all on the same team to come together for one common goal. But the friendships that are being made is priceless. Learning about others and their cultures, trying to learn their language as they learn ours another priceless moment.

Not being able to speak to one another vocally, but learning and understanding body language and gestures help you understand more and more. As crazy as this sounds, it works for all of us and through this we can also see that we all want the same things by the way that we practice and work hard together with and for one another.

This is some great stuff that I wanted to share with you. I am off to lay down like I mentioned earlier we have two games back to back this week, so I have to get my rest. Talk to you again soon.
Blessed to be where I am