Thursday, November 17, 2011


Hello everyone!

I have to tell you that yesterday's game was a pretty close one. We went into over time against Maccabi Ashdod of Israel. Plenette Pierson and Ashley Shields played really well for their team. I am also here to tell you that it was not one of my better games, but our team pulled it through and we got the victory together. This was a Euro-Cup game so it was very important for us to come away with that victory. I also had the opportunity to meet the Governor, who graced us with his presence at our game. It was truly an honor.

Today was an off day for us, so we took it upon ourselves to get out a little bit. We took in so pool and a little bit of bowling. It was truly a fun time. Michelle and I met up with some of the people that work in the office and practically spent the entire day with them. Now I have to share with you all that I did come away with the victory in pool against Michelle (she hit the 8 ball in the wrong pocket -- lol) otherwise she might have beaten me. But Ill take the victory anyway i can. I never said I was any good at pool. Would love to learn more though, any teachers? After that we head to the bowling alley, where I did come away with a few victories and so did some of the others, I wont take all the credit for winning. From there we went to go and grab a bite to eat and had a great time with nothing but fun and laughter. I will say that today overall was a pretty good day. 

We are back at in the morning with weights and shooting in the morning, and then an evening practice to get ready for out game on the 13th against St. Petersburg. I know that we will take this time to get better and work on the things that we need to work on. Until next time everyone, I will do my best to stay warm and I hope that you all will do the same.

If your not in and area that is pretty chilled right now, I just want you to know that I am jealous.


Have a great week!