Thursday, November 17, 2011


Hello all!

I am back to give you an update as well as ask for a few prayers for our organization.
As of right now we are still undefeated. I am loving this! There is a long way for us to go though, and we are still gelling.

But before I get into the basketball part of it. I want to share with you all what took place this week. On Sunday there was a bad car wreck and one of the Governors died. There were also three other people involved. Two are hospitalized right now and the other I am not sure what has happened to them. On Tuesday of this week we, our team went to a Church to send up some prayers for all the people involved as well as their family and loved ones. It was a sad occasion but it was also a great experience for me. I love the fact that I get to experience how other cultures do things. We all know that we all may have different values, views, etc but on this day we are all on one accord and together we sent up prayers to the people that were in need.

I did get to learn about some of my teammates and I loved it. It allowed me to see them outside of the basketball court and I am appreciative of that. After our prayerfull gathering, most of the team went down to the river which I believe is called the Beautiful River to fill it up with water which is the Holy Water and they took it back with them for their houses. Overall it was a pretty good day and I loved it. Being on one accord is such a great thing especially when it involves a group.

Now back to the basketball, We played really well against St. Petersburg and came away with that win. Now we face off with the Turkish team and I get to see my Former Teammate and Lady Tiger Doneeka Hodges-Lewis, as well as my current teammate Nakia Sanford. We will be playing them for the Euro-Cup game and it should be very fun and exciting basketball. Fast pace and uptempo. Our preparation has been very good this week and I know that we are ready for this one.
Ok, I am off to watch film -- I will be back in touch very soon.