Monday, November 7, 2011


I am back and still smiling!

Yesterday we took another step towards our goal. We racked up another win in the Russian league. I have to let you all know how proud I am of our coach -- he is doing such a good job with all of us. I am speaking in terms of managing our minutes, playing everyone and getting the best out of them, as well as resting us as much as he possibly can. Yesterday we all played a good amount of minutes but he also found some quality time to rest us and play the rest of the team that was in need of some work. I think this gives all of us confidence and helps us to continue to grow together.

After that we went by one of our teammates house and she made us a great meal. We had Borsh, a great Russian soup dish, some stuffed mushrooms, baked chicken, caviar (which is a little too fishy for me), and some great desserts. We shared some great stories with one another about school, and when we were growing up as children; it was all so much fun and we believe it or not we were all doing some of the same things as children LOL. The different Nationalities didn't make a difference at all.

Today we were off, and I am looking forward to all these days with great appreciation. I am well rested, and I did go to weight room with My Russian/ Louisiana counterpart Anna and then back in the house I came. I have ate, ( some Chicken and pasta) showered and now I will watch a movie.

We play again on the 9th against one of the Israeli teams in a Euro-Cup game which will be a big one, and then we play another Russian league game on the 13th. Following that we play in the Euro-cup game against the Turkish team which I believe that my LSU Lady Tiger teammate Doneeka Hodges-Lewis play on. I will keep you all posted on all of this.

Enjoy your week ahead of you and make the most and the best of it!