Monday, June 27, 2011


We made it to Indianapolis safely!!!

 I was so proud of extremely proud of my teammates for willing through that win against the Chicago Sky. We had just played the night before against a tough and competitive Atlanta Dream. I was also proud of my former teammate and good friend Sylvia Fowles for how well she played and how much she has grown as a player.

We took the bus from Chicago to Indy which is only like 3 hours. It was such a good time because we spent a lot of time talking to one another and learning more and more about each other. The good thing was that it was not basketball talk. We sometimes need to take a break from that and today we did just that.

Once we arrived at the hotel we were all a little stunned by how it looked on the outside, but once we got inside we were surprised to see the setup and the train that also has beds and rooms in them. I thought that was very neat.

After getting checked in, we headed to shop a little at the mall and then Nakia, Marie and myself headed to PF Changs to grab some food. After that Marie and I did a quick pool workout which was really good for our legs, and great for my ankle. By the way the ankle is getting better and I am doing everything that I can to get back to helping my team with this run we are on. By the time I finished all that I was beat. I showered, read Proverbs 22, finished up some ice and stem for treatment, and called it a night.