Thursday, June 30, 2011


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Temeka Johnson is about business.

When Temeka Johnson returned to training camp on the 15th, she was accompanied by a Bermuda breeze in the form of an experience that will forever change the lives of two young Bermudians. Temeka took her love of basketball and command of the game and has given hope through her not-for-profit HOPE (Heaven Opens Peoples Eyes) to Bermuda players interested in experiencing the WNBA first-hand. Johnson has showed that her heart for the game goes beyond her connection with her teammates and has transcended miles and conquered sands to make dreams come true. This is just one way that she achieves her goals of spreading hope all around the world. Johnson says, “I have everything I wished for and much more; so for me, now it’s about doing things for others.”

Temeka Johnson of the Phoenix Mercury is truly a phoenix. Rising from the ashes of adversity to an explosive career in the WNBA, Temeka is a professional on and off the court. She has mastered the game of basketball, earning her the title of Rookie of the Year as well as mastering business and her brand. There is no wonder she is highly sought after to represent organizations, products and charitable missions.

Passion, poise and philanthropy are words that easily describe Temeka’s drive and never-ending personal work mantra.  Temeka reflected on her beginnings with the WNBA sharing, “I understood going in that basketball was really entertainment for people who were excited about the sport. I knew that I was committed to going above and beyond for the fans.” There is no denying that Temeka does just that; it is commonplace to find her at practice two hours early, continuously training and conditioning to be the best she can be.

Temeka is so calculated about her playing time that she only plays the 2nd half of the overseas season because the 3-4 game week for the entire overseas season can  put a strain on the body physically and she would never want to disappoint her fans.

With Temeka, her best is not limited the court. She is a champion of heart and inspiration to communities, her team and league mates.  A true ambassador for her sport, her story of triumph, motivation and dedication is inspiring.  Temeka has gone from the block where she was told she would never succeed and was too small in stature, heart and resources to the bench, beating the odds and playing the big game of basketball on an international stage. She has made it to the boardroom where she blossoms as a leader, entrepreneur, author and mentor.

Many are called, and few are chosen. Basketball, brilliance and bounty are clearly Temeka’s destiny.

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