Thursday, June 23, 2011


After coming off of such a good win in San Antonio, the Swanier's blessed us with a great home cooked meal in Atlanta. When we arrived after a long day of travel as well as a long sit on the runway, everyone was really hungry. Usually we would grab a snack or something to hold us over. Not this time, no one wanted to ruin their appetite. Once we got our bags we headed to the bus and to the Swanier's we were headed. Once we pulled up we knew what we were in for. There were ribs, beans, salad, kicking chicken, baked fish, bake chicken, a special cake made for us, and some home made pecan candy. This was such a good time. The team really enjoyed ourselves and we want to truly thank our teammate Ketia and her mom and dad for welcoming all of us with open arms in their home.

We are headed to practice soon, to prepare for the Atlanta dream, my ankle is getting better and better each day. We ate still moving in the right direction, and it is slowly but surely coming together.