Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Good morning all! I am up early and in the training room getting ready for our practice.
As I sit back and reflect on yesterday's game I came up with the same conclusion -- although it wasn't the outcome that we expected, we still learned a lot from it and I know we will grow from it.
There a was highlight of yesterday though, as we walked through the airport we were  blessed to run into one of the games greatest, Bill Russell. He was really nice as he sat there with his Boston hat. He definitely loves Boston!
I remember while in college at LSU that my assistant coach told me the following story about Mr. Russell:
It seems that Bill Russell was in the airport with Celtic teammate John Havlicek when someone came up and asked Russell "are you a basketball player?"
"No," replied Russell.
As the person walked off, Havlicek looked at Russell and said "why did you tell him you weren't a basketball player?"
I'm not a basketball player," replied Russell.  "I'm a man who happens to play basketball."
The point that Coach Starkey was making to us was not to let basketball define who we are and what we stand for as individuals.
One of my teammates ask him who he thought was going to win the championship out of Dallas/ Miami. His response was "who are those guys."   LOL! Got to love that  -- like I said, he loves his Boston Celtics!
Time to get to work though talk to you all again soon.